Q: Why a Business Directory at our Church or Organization?

A: It's an easy way to re-direct our resources to each other and grow God's Kingdom through Missional Marketing. Watch this!


Q: What is Missional Marketing?

A: Marketing that adopts missionary practices to reach the "un-churched" with the gospel message.  Every time you share the business directory with someone else, you are sharing your faith via your church or organization!  In addition, every time you use a product or service from a business within the directory, your dollars are helping a fellow Christian grow! Watch this!


Q: Can you describe the Ad Building process?

A: Immediately upon purchase, you will be taken to the Ad Form page. Simply follow the instructions to provide the information we need to get your ad online.  If you purchase a Graphic Display Ad, there will also be a spot on the Ad Form where you can upload your logo and/or any photos you want in the ad. If your ad purchase involves us building the ad for you, we will begin the production of your Ad after you submit the Ad Form.  In that case, within about 3 to 5 Business Days, you should receive your proof for review.


Q: When will my Ad be online?

A: If your Ad does not require us to build it, you will see it online after you've met any church/organization specific Eligibility requirements. If we are building your Ad, it will be after the approval of your proof, subject to Eligibility as well.


Q: What if I didn't get my Ad Form?

A: Please just send an email to requesting that we re-send it to you.


Q: Why can't I get into my Ad Form after I filled it out?

A: After you complete your Ad Form and submit it, our system locks the form.  This ensures that no changes are made while we are in the process of building your ad. If you need to make changes, please email us at and we will be glad to make them so they reflect in the proof.


Q: Can you describe the Eligibility Process?

A: Eligibility Requirements are specific to each church and organization. These requirements should be communicated to you online at the time of purchase.  If you have questions about them at the time of purchase, we request that you contact Missional Marketing by Gdirect within 3 business days for clarification. Upon purchase of your ad, your name is provided to a contact at your church or organization for verification of meeting their Eligibility Requirements.  If you are found Eligible, they will acknowledge so, and we won't need to contact you.  If you are found Ineligible, they will let Gdirect know, and we will contact you for clarification.  It is not uncommon for mis-spellings or maiden names to cause a re-look of Eligibility Requirements.  Since Eligibility requirements are acknowledged up front, there are typically no refunds provided for missing Eligibility.


Q: Why is my church or organization doing this?

A: The leadership of successful churches and organizations throughout the world are starting to realize the power of identifying and nurturing the businesses within their people. A successful business leader touches the lives of many others, from employees to other venders. This is Missional Marketing in action!  Every time the Business Directory is shared, the church or organization is also shared, and it provides an opportunity for a conversation about your faith!  In addition, opportunities for time, talent and resources to be paid forward to the church or organization are often seen.


Q: Is the church or organization endorsing the businesses in the directory?

A: No. The Church/Organization and Missional Marketing by Gdirect do not directly or indirectly warrant, endorse, promote or will not be responsible for the performance, services, products, employees, sub-contractors and/or agents of the businesses listed.


Q: What happens if disputes develop between congregation members and the business leader?

A: All listed businesses must pledge to adhere to "Business with God", the biblical principles of running a business, including but not limited to stewardship and a biblically based dispute resolution process. In the event you hear of a dispute with a vendor please contact us at The truth is, when commerce follows biblical principles, outcomes are better. We reserve the right to hold both the listed businesses and their customers to biblical principles of commerce. In the event a dispute occurs, it should be forwarded to Missional Marketing by Gdirect, who will promote resolution of the dispute using biblical principles outlined in "The Peacemaker's Pledge". Businesses must agree to key items in this pledge in order to be listed.


Q: Why can't I find my ad?

A: The most likely reason your ad wouldn't show up after you've approved it is that we are awaiting Eligibility confirmation from the church or organization.  Sometimes it takes a week or two for them to update their review. Once your ad is both Approved and marked Eligible, it will show up live online.


Q: Where is the link my buddies can use to register their businesses?

A: Go to and select the church/organization and complete the info.


Q: What is the church or organization going to do to promote the directory?

A: This varies by church/organization, but the directory is typically marketed and distributed by the church/organization to their connected people and available throughout the year. Since the directory consists of an online platform, it is also reachable to the community both inside and outside the church/organization via social media and email sharing.


Q: What's in it for Missional Marketing by Gdirect?

A: Missional Marketing by Gdirect has a passion for helping businesses grow utilizing principles found from God. The results of this are unbelievable, and provide a positive sense of working to build God's kingdom. Gdirect is also a for-profit business that seeks to make a profit and utilize that profit to further fund God's work.



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